Big Face Entertainment, your hybrid record label that offers multi dimensional services that caters to the artists. In other words, we are the house that creates the product and put's it out there! We focus on what is truly important at our company opposed to others; investing in the music and talented artists that create the content. We believe in creating a collaborative and innovative environment where our artist can thrive and reach their full capacity in a stress free atmosphere.

Big Face is home to a multi-cultural and diverse family of artists and producers of many genres. Big Face is emerging as the top label in the eastern region. We seek to create the best music product to distribute and market. With our successful platform we prep, guide and mentor our artists to be simply "GREAT".

Big Face Entertainment is a movement that evolved through a collaborative partnership between friends from middle school (Mr. Anthony N. Sanchez & Keron Williams). Mr. Sanchez and Mr. Williams were fed up with greedy record labels and the way they ripped off their hip hop idols growing up. They wanted to create an organization that encourages freedom, creativity, free expression, and an environment where artists can work on their music freely without distraction or concern. The mission and vision of our story began in April 1997. Where we started as teens scouting our own boys from around the way... We saw our friends as the talent! and the rest is histroy!

At Big Face, we put together a team who understands the industry and our role as a company that has a vested interest in helping our artists grow and advance their careers. We pride ourselves as being a outside the box thinking music company that embraces innovation, takes advantage of cutting-edge music and we feel we are 4 to 5 steps ahead of the trend in the music industry!

Big Face Entertainment is first and foremost the house that provides all avenues of services for our artists. We focus on our core values of providing resources and services needed so our artists can focus on their music. We re-invest everything into developing new talent for the love of music and the bond we have with our fellow members. We remain focused on our role as executives, administrators, facilitators, and support network for our artists. We are an environment where great music, great minds, and great energy meet to form the "SYNERGY".

Our objective is to promote and develop high quality first rated music, services and music product to ensure our artists and fans with top-notch placement. Our dedication, passion, desire and involvement in all aspects of the business have us in a position to influence our cities, states and world with our trends and movement. At Big Face, It's more than a lifestyle, It's a movement, Ya heard!!!

Our mission at Big Face Entertainment is to provide the best music product and services to our clients.

Our Vision is defined by the word "ONE", there is no "I" in "TEAM". We are one team, with one vision, one goal and that's to be one of the most successful labels in the world. We work together as one collective unit knowing we can be the best and the greatest together! Our goal at Big Face Entertainment is to be the world's leading recording label in the world.